Wedding Tip Thursday: A New Way to Approach Weather and Planning a Wedding Outdoors

254273_10150229190967899_4666566_n Event Planning by: Erin McLean Events and Photography by Nancy Ray Photography

Now that summer has arrived, I’d like to suggest a tip for those planning for next year’s pretty weather season. So many brides would like an outdoor element for their wedding day – an outdoor ceremony/cocktail hour/reception – or all of the above. And it’s certainly advisable (and by advisable, I mean absolutely necessary) to have a weather backup plan.

Today, I suggest a tiny change in the way you think about your plans for celebrating el fresco. Why not make your plans for indoors with a backup plan of an outdoor location? Plan everything inside but have an outdoor option available. About two or even one week out, check the weather – if it looks like sunny skies, move your plans outside! You’ll remove the risk factor and the added stress of trying to control Mother Nature.

For example, my Bride from this past weekend decided on Thursday to ask if her reception space could accommodate an outdoor cocktail hour. The location didn’t have anything else booked outside and the weather was going to be perfect – so, three days prior to the wedding, we made the change in plans and it worked beautifully.

This idea will keep you from having your heart set on an outdoor location but still gives you the option to change your plans should the weather allow.