Wedding Tip Thursday: A Tip Jar on the Bar


{Event by Erin McLean Events, Photos by Martha Manning}

A little tip about tipping…here at EME, we all believe it is tacky to have a tip jar out on the bar at a wedding! However, we also all agree the bartenders should receive a gratuity. What to do? Discuss this in advance with the caterer/bartending service. Let them know you do not want a tip jar on display so that your guests do not feel they need to leave gratuity while attending your event.

Instead, ask if you can arrange to pay the gratuity before the event – you can ask to negotiate a set fee based on the estimated bar costs. I would suggest you take it a step further and ask that this arrangement be included in your contract so you have it all in writing. This agreement avoids the unsightly tip jar but makes sure your bartenders are taken care of so they can happily serve your guests!