Wedding Tip Thursday: Calling all the Shots


Today"s wedding tip is about creating a shot list for your photographer. Some photographers require it, some won"t ask for it, but it is a good idea to make a list to ensure that you get all of the pictures that you want from your wedding day. Check out the photos below of some of our beautiful brides and elements of their wedding that have turned into great memories!

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Once you choose your ceremony and reception site, be sure to bring a pen and paper during the walk through. If there are any interesting features such as a fountain or a garden or a textured wall that you think would look great in photos, write it down. The day of the wedding, it will be hard to recall these things or round people up while you are socializing and enjoying yourself. It will also be difficult to remind the photographer to take pictures of certain people, like your nephew and niece, so if it is important - put it on the list!

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When creating the list, it is a good idea to let the photographer know the immediate family and bridal party names for the bride and the groom. That way the photographer will have an idea how many people are in the bridal party and get a handle on how big the immediate family photos will be. Then, you will want to think through the most important shots you want taken from the moment downloadgames the photographer arrives until the end of the night.

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The breakdown can divide the different parts of the wedding day, such as Getting Ready, Before the Ceremony, The Ceremony, Portraits and The Reception. You can craft the list exactly how you want it depending on your specific order of events. It is helpful to include some timing in the list so the photographer  knows how long he or she has to get the shot before moving onto the next part of the day. A photographer who has 2 hours to take Getting Ready photos will be very different than one who may only have 3o minutes.

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  Your wedding photos are what you take away from all of the planning and an amazing day that goes by so quickly, so be sure to think about the little details that you want to remember. Did you spend extra time and money on an amazing candy table? Is the cake topper so cute? These elements make your wedding unique and memorable, and it is important to let the photographer know which of these things are most important to you.

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Recruit some family or bridal party members to help with the list. You can also ask your wedding planner or photographer for ideas during the planning stages. It should be a fun and exciting experience to think through the whole day that you have planned and how you will be celebrating your love with your closest friends and family.

For more ideas about what to put on your Must-Haves list, check out the wedding albums of past weddings we have done here.

Make it pretty!

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