Wedding Tip Thursday! Incorporating Family Heritage!

Looking for a way to include some family heritage in your wedding? Consider using family recipes to make sweets as your favors! I love the idea of using traditional cookie, candy, breads, etc. recipes from the bride and groom’s families to bring in that personal touch at the end of the night. Think about what you remember from your childhood that was always around for special occasions or just makes you think of home. Zucchini bread, sugar cookies, even popcorn balls would work! Even more fitting is something unique to where you grew up – what about buckeyes if you are from Ohio or peanut brittle if you are from the South? You get the idea! Picking something that you and your family and future in-laws could make together in advance would make it just that much more special. Package the items in a cute box, bag or tin along with printed copies of the family recipes. These favors are sure to be totally adorable and something your guests will certainly remember as a fantastic fond farewell.

Happy Planning!