Wedding Tip Thursday: Thank You Cards



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Thank you cards can seem like a daunting task at first. After the stress of the wedding and you have had the chance to wind down, one more thing pops up - the thank you cards. Here are some simple dos and don'ts to keep in mind as you approach your wedding day and the inevitable thank-you-card-writing-marathon that will follow.

DO save all of the addresses from mailing out the invitations in an address book. This will ensure you are not scramble trying to contact people AGAIN for their addresses.

DO keep track of every gift you receive and who gave it to you. Be specific and keep it updated and organized.

DON'T email!  We may be living in a technological society, but your friends and family will not feel appreciated for spending their time and money to buy and send you a gift if you email them a thank you. Hand-written and mailed is the only way to go.

DO set ground rules with your spouse. The 'but I don't have neat handwriting so you should write them all' will more than likely come up. Even if it is just a suggestion to see if they can get out of it. At your wedding there will be family members, friends and guests that are closer to him, those people may appreciate the thank you written from him even if it is a little harder to read!

DO respond within three months of your wedding date.

DON’T give up. Start by setting a goal of writing 10-a day. It seems overwhelming at first, but if you start with the easier ones - like close friends and family, soon you will get the hang of it and they will get easier.

DO be specific! You can't write "Thank you for the Present" on every card. That's why you keep track. Try to say something nice about seeing them at the wedding if they were there, or that you missed their company if they couldn't make it. Always mention what they gave you so that they don't feel like their thoughtful gift wasn't memorable or important.

Keep in mind all of the wonderful gifts, cards and company that surrounded your wedding day. Try to let people know in a genuine way how much you appreciate their kindess.

Good Luck!

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