Wedding Tip Thursday! Tipping Vendors?

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This simple tip can make a big difference: make sure you take care of your vendors! With all your guests and family and bridal party and so on to worry about, it’s easy to forget about your vendors the day of the wedding. However, I learned a long time ago that if your vendors are happy, it will show (and if they aren’t, that will show as well)! This mainly applies to your musicians/DJ, wedding planner and the photographer - and they are easy to please, so take a moment and make sure you:

- Arrange for them to have a nice meal. Your caterer may have a less expensive option that they can offer. But if you can afford it, feed them what you are feeding your guests. Take it a step further by telling them when would be a good time for them to plan to eat and let them know you’ve got them taken care of. They will love you for it!

- Send them a list of all the other vendors you’ve hired. This is something your planner will do if you have one but if not, be sure to send one yourself. These folks like to network and knowing who they will be seeing the day of your wedding is important.

- Did they do a good job? Send them a thank you note and offer to be a reference.

And that’s how easy it is. I can guarantee if you follow this advice, they will be much more likely to honor your request to “Please stay for just another 30 minutes!” or just about any request at all. Remember, happy vendors equal happy weddings.

Thank you Jason Dail for this gorgeous photo!

Happy Planning!

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