Wedding Tip Thursday: To Bustle, or Not to Bustle?


Beautiful EME Bride Emily | Event by Erin McLean Events | Location at the Carolina Inn 

To bustle or not to bustle? Most Brides choose to have their train bustled but most Brides don’t realize how common it is to have the bustle break during the reception. It is absolutely worth having a seamstress reinforce your bustle – no matter what the style of the dress is.

I like to suggest a combination of buttons and hooks for an over bustle (and they can be adorned with jewels or fabric) and a combination of buttons and ribbons for a French bustle. And the more the better – I have seen up to 15 points to attach the train to the dress which is wonderful! A seamstress can also add additional buttons right next to each other so that if one breaks, you can simply use the next one.

Don’t hesitate to take one last step and have a wrist hold put on the end of the train as another option. Last, but certainly not least, use binder clips – they aren’t glamorous but they may just be the most secure option of all!


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