Wedding Tip Thursday: Wedding Food!


Food, glorious food! One of the most important parts of a wedding reception - and probably the most memorable to your guests - is the food. This week’s tip is short and sweet and to me, goes without saying. However, I’ve run into several times through the years to thought it was worth posting. Here it is:  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, do the food for your reception yourself…or plan to have your mother do the food. I don’t care if you are a professional caterer, or perhaps your mother studied culinary arts in France. No matter what your skill levels, it is absolutely not worth it to have yourself or your sweet Mom handling the food on your special day. It is simply not possible to make the food very far in advance and by the time you do have to make it, you’re up to your eye balls in last minute planning, hosting out of town guests and guess what? You are actually going to want to have some down time before the wedding! On the day of the wedding, you and your Mother should be basking in Bridal glory and not stressing about if the canapés were taken out of the freezer on time.  I absolutely will not tolerate one Bride handle their food, I simply won’t have it!! Now, go find a nice caterer and spare yourself the heartache. Bon appétit!

Happy Planning!