Wedding Tip Thursday- Wedding Music!


Whoaaaaa, listen to the music! Don’t overlook using music to personalize your wedding. It’s tempting to just use traditional music – especially for your ceremony. But let me encourage you to take the time to pick a soundtrack for your special day that really means something. This means not waiting until the last minute if you are using musicians because they will need time to learn the songs you request. I suggest picking your music about 6 months in advance for this very reason. Mixing traditional with contemporary is another option that can give your ceremony a classic yet modern twist. Think about your relationship – did you go to a concert together? Have a favorite band? Love a movie with a memorable song? Music is such a part of our lives and can bring up wonderful memories. I’m certain if you take the time to think about it, you’ll have unique ideas for ceremony music. I also like the idea of using your recessional music as the same song that is used for your introduction at the reception – it creates a nice flow between the two events. And the recessional is a time that you can really think outside of the box. It could be something fast, silly, sentimental…anything goes! And what about getting the guests involved? If you choose something everyone will know, put it in the program that the guests should sing along. Who wouldn’t enjoy chiming in on the “ba, ba, badaba” during “All You Need is Love” while the two of you exit? After all, you’re going to be making beautiful music together as husband and wife – why not start now?!

Happy Planning!

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