Why I love hors d'oeuvres at weddings?


Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart & Brides

I truly love some great horsd'oeuvres (even if I can never remember how to spell it!)

I think it is such a great way to infuse fabulous flavors that take people beyond the usual chicken, beef or fish entree. By doing a a wide variety of appetizers you can keep your guests guessing about what the waiters will come out with next!

I love heavy hors d'oeuvres for receptions because it creates a great energy among your guests. It keeps guest flowing throughout the reception. By staggering high and low cocktail tables around your venue people can move around and mingle with each other and talk about how beautiful the bride is :)

2009 is all about adding savory, spicy, and exotic flavors to your wedding menu. So think about adding color with these bold sippy soups, chilled tofu, asian-infused wraps to your menu! Or what about mini BBQsandwiches for my NC weddings!