Why YOU need a Day of Wedding Coordinator

Why YOU need a Day of Wedding Coordinator

Every girl dreams of her fairytale wedding, and in those dreams the bride isn’t frantically running around setting up or calling the florist because the flowers are late. A true fairytale wedding usually consists of laughter, bubbles, golden rays of sunshine and moments that are so perfect that they seem to be happening in slow motion. That fairytale dream wedding can be the reality with a day-of wedding coordinator.

Mishaps and mistakes are inevitable, but with a day-of coordinator, they will remain invisible! We can handle any hiccups that may arise and swiftly step in and handle them. With a day-of coordinator you and your family can completely relax and enjoy the beautiful moments without having to sweat the small stuff. Besides us, nobody should feel like they are “working” at your wedding. It allows you, and everyone else to forget the details: it is our job to remember.

With all of the months of planning, you don’t want to leave everything up to chance on the big day. A day-of coordinator will provide the peace of mind that everything will stay on track and that if a problem arises that it will be dealt with on the spot.

We will create a personalized timeline for your day and ensure that things go smoothly, and we will be the liaison for your vendors. This is to guarantee everything goes off without a hitch while you are getting hitched! Vendors tend to have a lot of commitments, so if something is to go awry, we will handle it. Scheduling conflict? Delivery delay? You will never know. Having us around enables everyone to enjoy their time with the peace of mind that someone is taking care of things.

We will be there for set up when the anxiety is building and the butterflies are fluttering, and we will be there to pack up after the butterflies have flown and you’ve had the best night of your life as the new Mrs. We are here for you, behind the scenes to make sure that when you remember your special day, that you remember that it was perfect.

For more details about the difference between a venue coordinator, church coordinator, wedding planner and day-of coordinator, stay tuned for our next post!