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Hi there!

Welcome to our fresh and pretty site! I am Erin McLean and am the proud owner of McLean Events, formally Erin McLean Events. In a few months we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary.

The idea I had in 2008 has blossomed into something I could only dream of. These past years have taught me so much about entrepreneurship, community, family, and the value of good people. When I chose the name Erin McLean Events it reflected where I was at the time, just me in the basement of my townhouse working as hard as I possibly could to build something my family would be proud of. It was me booking 50 weddings a year and coordinating them one after the other. After a few years of that something had to give. I was becoming a wedding factory and I was not able to provide my clients with the attention and care that they deserved.

As the past 10 years have evolved I found my heart and true passion in event design and leading my team. I found that while I loved planning all the details of weddings, my clients were much better served when I had a balanced team. I have worked incredibly hard over the past few years to not just grow our team for the sake of being bigger, but to perfect the synergy among our team. In doing so, we have been able to provide our clients with an exceptional experience.

I know that we work best when we surround with people that challenge and compliment us. In 2012 I was so fortunate to have met Tia, who is our Events & Logistics Manager. This woman seriously is one of the most detailed and logical people you will meet. She will not sleep at night until she knows that every timeline question is answered, that every vendor knows exactly what is going on and is expected of them, and most importantly that our clients never worry that something was forgotten. I am sure if you have a chance to speak to one of her past clients they will tell you that she is the best logistical planner in the region.

Carrington is like a unicorn. She is our Lead Designer and Producer and is one the best design eyes you will find balanced with an impeccable focus on details. She is able to design a beautiful wedding day that perfectly reflects who her clients are. She understands what moves them, and ensures that no detail is overlooked. She cares deeply for her clients and their experience. One of the favorite things that I get to do on a daily basis is collaborate and create with Carrington.

Then a few years ago we were lucky to have met Betsy. She is our Event and Production Coordinator. She leads with her zest for life and kind heart. She is meticulous, precise, and accurate, and assures that our clients have a smile on their face throughout their special day.

The McLean Events team recently did a personality assessment, that describes your work style. It places you in one of four categories and was all too telling that our team had one person in each category:


This visual explains McLean Events unique approach to design and planning to a t!

We consider our clients’ wedding day to be far too precious to leave just one person to envision and execute your vision over the course of the planning process. Behind the scenes, our team collaborates on all angles of each stage of the process. Each specialist contributes their unique, dedicated role for your wedding. No matter your specific needs and design, we choose the best fit for your day and family. We come together to give you the most well-planned day possible. You don’t just have a planner behind you on your day, you have a team of uniquely specialized experts skilled in design, logistics, client care, and event leadership - a team that will craft and execute your breathtaking, awe-inspiring event.  

Thank you for stopping by, we are thrilled you are here!