DIY Friday: Noisemaker Escort Cards

We love Style Me Pretty's DIY noisemaker craft. We think these are so adorable and would be so great for any wedding. They can be customized to suit the names, tables and color scheme of each unique wedding. And it would be such a fun send-off at the end of the night! NOISE-MAKERS$!400x

What you will need:

- Scissors

- Ribbon

- Sheer Scrapbook Paper

- A Package of Noisemakers

- Escort Cards


1. Take your store-bought noisemaker and trace it as a template onto pretty shear scrapbook paper.

2. Print out table numbers onto the same sheer paper and cut into small squares.

3. Take apart the rest of the store-bought noise makers to get the noise-making part.


What you should have laying in front of you will look something like this. -->


4. Roll the paper to fit into the noise maker and glue to close, then slip the table number into the bottom of each noise maker.

5. Finish off with a pretty ribbon and simple guest tag.

And then you'll have the finished product!


Thank you SMP for the crafting inspiration, we loved this DIY! To check out the original tutorial, click here. 

We love how versatile this little wedding DIY can be. They can fit it into your color scheme, send you off at the end of the night and be a keepsake for people to take home! Check out these bold noisemakers from WeddingDish - same craft, but a completely different look!


Make it pretty!