DIY Friday! Textured Votive holders!

Happy DIY Friday! Candles always add a great ambiance to any event! We thought we would make something different than clear votive holders. So we added some pretty paper for a softer light!

All you need is:

-Votive holders

-paint brush (we used a sponge brush)

-Mod Podge

-Paper or Fabric


Trace the sides of the votive and cut out pieces that match each side. You should have 4 evenly cut pieces.

Brush on some mod podge on the first few sides.

Place on the paper and smooth out the air bubbles. Continue until you have all sides done.

Let it dry and you can start using it! One side note, we wanted to find a way to smooth out the corners after we were finished. It looks like you could lightly sand down the edges after it is completely dry!

Happy DIY Friday!!



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