Happy New Years!

eme new years

eme new years

Happy New Years everyone!

We hope that you have had happy holidays thus far. As you reflect on this past year and prepare fot the next, we hope that you are still relaxing and enjoying great friends, family and food that the holidays provide. We are excited to take on the new year. To meet new people, encounter new challenges and overcome new obstacles.

Here are our team's resolutions for the New Year.

"I would like to continue my cycling and yoga classes, but commit to going 5x week. I definitely would like to go on more dates with my Tom, and to keep being the best Aunt to my 3 (soon to be 4) nieces! Best of all, I would like to continue to grow Erin McLean Events as the best planning company in the Triangle area. We want to continue planning gorgeous weddings, but take it to a whole other level. We want any EME wedding to be an experience that the bride, groom, family, friends and other guests will never forget!"

~ Erin, Owner and Founder

"I want to go on vacation somewhere I have never been (I have a tendency to go the same places over and over because they become comfortable...and I know the best places to eat!) and to remember to learn from those around me. I am surrounded by brilliant women and need to take the time to note all their lessons learned and recommendations."

~ Tia, Wedding Coordinator

"Dallas Shaw said it best when she resolved to just do everything a "little bit "better". I want every wedding I coordinate, every cake I design, every Ballet class I take, to be just a little bit better than the last. I get so excited to think about all the progress that can be made in a whole year this way!"

~ Melissa, Wedding Coordinator

We hope that you all have a good and safe evening bringing in the new year. 2013 will be a successful and exciting year full of lots of new and great things. Thank you for supporting us by reading our posts and connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter, we appreciate each one of you.

See you all on Wednesday!

- The Team at Erin McLean Events