DIY Friday! Distressed Frames!

Happy DIY Friday! Distressed frames can add a rustic element to any wedding! They would be great for table numbers or displaying family pictures!

All you need is:

1. Wooden picture frame 2. Sand paper (we used 100 medium, with softer grit you can control the level of distressing better) 3. Paint brush 4. Candle 5. Regular paint in one color and white (you could easily add a second color in between the first color and white, just repeat the process of waxing and painting)

Paint the frame with your first color (pink for us). Make sure to sand your frame if it has a glossy finish so the paint will stick.

Allow paint to dry completely to the touch - about 25 minutes depending on the paint.

Liberally rub some candle wax on the frame. Do this especially where you would see heavy wear and tear over the years.  Don't be shy with it!  Paint a second coat of your first color.

When the second coat of paint is dry, repeat the candle wax step. Then paint a coat of white and let dry.

Start scratching at the spots where you put the candle wax.. Fold the sand paper and make a sharp edge if you are using a sheet of sand paper.  Stop when you get to the pink (or your first color). You can distress as much or as little as you prefer!

We chose a subtle first color, but you could go bolder! Red and green could go under the white for a definite antique look!

How cute would these be with table numbers or your new house key? Happy Friday!