Thank you!!

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At Erin McLean Events, we have been so blessed to have worked with over 30 military couples. Our groom this past Saturday had been deployed in Afghanistan for a year. We have been with our brides here while their brave soldiers fight overseas.

Today and everyday I want to say "Thank You!"

This photo above is of my Grandma and Grandpa Woods. It makes me so happy!  They have been the two most influential people in my life. My grandfather had just come home from Germany during World War II. My grandmother held down the home front working multiple jobs and raising five children. My Grandfather was a hero, he led the unit that liberated one of the first concentration camps, an experience that he would later tell me changed who he was forever. There was a sadness in his eyes as he stoically told me about his experience and shared an edited version of what he saw. I was an inquisitive middle schooler who wanted to interview him for my paper. I was so proud to share his story to my class, not fully understanding the true depth of his tale. Love for our country was something we took seriously  I remember going to the VFW with him and my Grandma to collect poppies to sell at our church and remember fondly how proud he was of the American Flag and learning the proper fold learning to treat it with solemn reverence.

I look back at that time and wish with all of my heart that today I could sit down with both of them and learn more about everything in their life. So it is with great pride that I share this photo of the two people who knew nothing but hard work, love for our country, and taught me to love my country. So, whether your team "won" or "lost" last week we should be thankful that we live in this great country and thank those who fought to keep our freedom. Let's take today to honor those in service, their wives and fiances, who stay home and support from afar. I thank you all so very much, there are no words!

God Bless America,