Wedding Tip Thursday: The Difference Between Place Cards and Escort Cards


Nikki + Damian's Wedding at The O'Henry Hotel. Event by Erin McLean Events. Photos by Sweet Life Studios.

Once all of your guests RSVP and you are working on a seating chart you will have to decide if you would like to do Place Cards or Escort Cards. Wondering what the difference is?

Escort Cards are used to show which table your guests are sitting at. They do not need to be cards. You can be creative and use an old windowpane, chalkboard - whatever you like. Typically you will have your table names, or numbers, and each person's name who is sitting at that table listed below.

Place Cards are most specific than place cards. These will show your guest where, at their assigned table, they will be sitting specifically. These are usually sitting at the guests place setting on the table which will let them know what plate and chair to sit at. Keep in mind, if you would like to do place cards that you are aware of keeping spouses and +1s next to each other at the table.

It is not necessary to do both, but we recommend that you choose one of these two options to avoid any confusion, delays or anxiety with your guests wondering where they should be seated.